Abolish copyright. Yes, really.






Schedule until elections

Phase 1: Signatures

From January 1 to February 4, we collect two thousand signatures for the Election Authority.

Phase 2: Register

February 5 to 28, we quarrel with the Election Authority to get them to accept our registration.

Phase 3: Candidates

March 1 to April 15, we find our parliamentary candidates for the respective election circuits here in a forum on piratpartiet.se.

Phase 4: Ballots

April 15 to 24, we ready our ballots and order them. They're delivered 45 days before the election, that is, August 9. (Translator's note: in Sweden, challenger parties must supply the polling stations with their ballots.)

Phase 5: Campaign organisation

During May, June, July, and Augusti, we build an activist organization in all cities with more than 50,000 people.

Phase 6: The Election

September 9 to 17 is the final stretch. The goal is that we, unlike other challenger parties, will have people at every polling station where we're active. They're handing out the Pirate Party ballots, which have been printed and distributed. We need physical presence when the time comes.

Do you want to run for Parliament?

The Pirate Party is looking for people around the country who want to have their name on the ballots of 2006. Yes, really. We need to submit our candidates to the Election Authority fairly soon, so there's little margin.

In a later stage, in April, we'll determine who out of those interested now that end up on the printed ballots.


Give us your best reasons!

Everybody has their own reasons as to why copyright, patents etc are bad ideas. Why not submit yours and share with pirates and others alike?


Just opened, sorry about the disorder...

Ok, that was way too much attention for this site in way too little time. :) Piratpartiet.se opened at 20:30 on January 1, and had 75,000 hits six hours later.

...and over a million hits over the first whole open day, January 2.

Edges ARE a bit rough around here still. Or, to use better wording, just opened.


What's Rick doing right now?

Writing the code that validates signatures.

Sorry I haven't had time to respond to everybody, it's not to be impolite or disrespectful. The past 24 hours have been wild...



Cookies and other legal drivel


By law, we're required to say that we store cookies on your box, and how you can make cookies not get stored. So, we're saving cookies on your box. (Duh.) One cookie as a visitor counter, and probably a few of them for session information. You can prevent them from being stored by turning them off in your browser. (Duh, squared.) But if you do, we have no damn idea how well login and other functions will work. Your own risk and all that.


Other legal drivel

This website is not protected by copyright. Take, plagiarize and be inspired as much as you like.

People who post in the forums are responsible for their respective posts (according to the law of electronic bulletin boards). All posts to the forums become public domain.

Oh right, the forum itself is an external component, so it might be protected by copyright. But we're working on that.